About the School of
Divine Identity and Consciousness

School Purpose

To study, discover, test, feel, express, create, practice, learn and share based on the “First Truth”. What is this “First Truth” that the School is founded on? It is this: There is only One Life. The Great “I AM” Life Source that lives us all. That is the “First Truth”. Just as all Life emanates from this One Great Source, so too does Truth. So too does Love, Peace, Happiness, Health, Wellness, Light, and all that is Good.

It is not our job to live Life. That, is quite impossible. For it is not our
life to live in the first place. But, it is our job to express the One Life that lives us and flows through us all. In other words, we don’t get to choose Life. But we do get to choose how we use it and express it. Those choices produce results. The choices based on the “First Truth” produce Divine Abundance. Choices not based on the “First Truth” causes us to become unconscious of Divine Life and Abundance flowing through us at all times.

Let’s take a look at some of the Divine Truths that originate from the First Truth of the One Life.

Divine Light – resonating frequency in and through us

Divine Love – loves us

Divine Good – flows in us

Divine Joy – makes us happy

Divine Peace – makes us calm

Divine Strength – strengthens us

Divine Faith – has Faith in us

Divine Creativity – creates through us

Divine Consciousness – to feel

Divine Intellect – for Wisdom

Divine Abundance – to sustain us

Divine Spirit – to tether and connect us

Divine Identity – to belong

Divine Mind – for pureness of thought and Oneness

All of the above stem from the Tree of Life.

What the “School of
Divine Identity & Consciousness”is NOT.

Even though it may sound religious, the School of Divine Identity & Consciousness is NOT a religion. It is a School. So there are no clergy, pastors, ministers, elders, reverends, bishops or priests. In fact, no one carries the title of professor, master or teacher. We are all fellow students and any student at any time can do the work of administering resources, instructing, sharing and tutoring fellow students.

There are no fear based doctrines, punishment and reward driven agendas, confessions, conversions, or indoctrination. No one identifies themselves by the School name. There is no belief control, information control, thought control or emotional manipulation. No one is judged or shunned for leaving the School. Students are free to come and go as they please. In this way they can continue on their own spiritual journey using what they learned from the School.

The School of Divine Identity & Consciousness is not a cult. In fact one of our topics of study is how to identify cult traits. This helps us all from getting distracted and falling in to an unconscious state. Also it enables us to help those who are trying to leave a cult.

The School of Divine Identity & Consciousness is not affiliated with any political party or entity. The School does not participate or feed energy into any organized movements, protests, religions, political agendas, or activist groups. These are none our business. Our business is to take on our True Divine Identity and to empower each other to become conscious of the First Truth described above.

Does one have to be a Christian to participate in the School?

No. Absolutely not. Anyone from any religion or walk in Life can participate. God, does not show favoritism. Nor do we. You don’t have to leave your religion to come to the school. God grows His Children into the Light out of all religions. We do study the teachings of Yeshua because He taught Divine Consciousness, the First Truth, Light, Spirit, the One Life that lives us, and Divine Identity so well. His Teachings are one of the best guide we have in order to resonate in tune to the Divine Flow of Spirit. Christ never identified Himself by the name “Christian”. Instead He used “I AM”, Son of Man, Son of God, and One with the Father. He encouraged us to take on the Identity of God’s Children and His Brothers and Sisters.



Many search outside self for identity. They may join a religion, a political party, a movement, a corporation, organization, and even a gang. To be identified is such a strong longing that some will even kill for identity and even die for recognition. But unless each of us learn how to become conscious of our True Divine Identity, we will never be able to satisfy our longing. You see, unless we change the environment within, we cannot change the environment without.

Do You long to know who You are?

You are God... Living You! We All are!

All You have to do is become conscious of it and take back Your True Divine Identity.

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