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Hi everyone, I’m Ron Lewis with the School of Divine Identity and Consciousness. This is the first lecture in a series of lectures about discovering our True Identity. This lecture is designed to take us out of our comfort zone and to push us up higher into the Light.


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I'm here today to talk about a new government. Actually, the only government that will ever work. I'm not here professing to be some kind of guru or preacher. I'm not here to create a religion or convince anyone to believe a certain way. I'm just a student in the School of Divine Identity and Consciousness. I don’t have all the answers. Most of the answers we are searching for are within us already. We just have to clear out the clutter so we can feel them inside.

But I am here to encourage and empower you to discover who you really ARE. To FEEL who you really are. To know that you have the freedom and ability to govern your Self. You were created with that sovereign freedom.

I am here to empower you become CONSCIOUS of your true Divine Nature and Identity. To let go of the fake identity that has been programmed in you, or forced upon you since your birth into this world. Don't ever let anyone tell you, you are too inadequate to take back your True Divine Identity. Because You have the Divine Power to take it back. You can do it!

I am here to tell you to stop! Stop looking for love, truth, and/or government outside self. Because You ARE that Love. You ARE that Truth and Light. We can’t say that enough. I’m going to repeat this over and over many times. And why not repeat the Good stuff over an over? Because, we have to start overcoming the repetition of all the bad stuff the media spews out daily to program us. So we need to clean out the that corrupted program and restart our own new Divine Program once again. Like when we a factory reset on our computer or smartphone if it has become corrupted.

So, put your hand on your heart right now and with every word, tap your heart. I AM LOVE! I AM TRUTH! I AM AWESOME! I AM DIVINE LIGHT! I AM A DIVINE BEING! Because you ARE! You really ARE! You have these to govern you!

Now I can pretty much back up what I’m talking about today with history, trial and error, Nature itself, and even the Bible if you are into that. But if you take time away from the distractions and nonsense in the world and look within You, you can back it all up for yourself as you should do anyway. Because we should never let someone tell us what to learn. We must learn, how to learn. Then we can learn anything at all.

Once you learn to become conscious of the Real Divine You, and tap into the Flow of Divine Abundance that has always been eternally living you and sustaining you, you can do anything that resonates in tune with Divine Balance. That Divine Balance means justice. It means Pureness, Goodness, Love, Joy, Peace, Light, Life, and real Truth. Real Freedom from fear, control, or enslavement.

Government means mind control. Govern means control and ment is mind or mental. No one has the right to force government upon you.

Why is there so much control in government? Because it's the universe's way of checks and balances. You see, if people don't know how to, or are unable to control themselves, then they leave themselves wide open to being controlled by others. Who in fact, don't know how to control themselves either.

You see, the world is suffering from an identity crisis. Most in the world are unconscious of their True Divine Nature and Identity. Everyone in the world longs to know who they are and where they belong. Yes, we long to belong. If we know not who we are, we know not what we do. A great Master and Teacher said when He was being put to death for revealing the True Divine Identity, "Abba, or Dearest Divine Parent and Source of all Life, forgive them, for they know not what they do." You see, again, they didn't know what they do, because they refused to accept who they ARE.

How about You? Do You accept who You ARE? Or, do you look outside your self for someone to tell you who you are? If you keep looking outside yourself for someone to identify you, then that would explain why you have lost your freedom and are being brainwashed and controlled. Everyone cries we want freedom. But then, ironically they look to some outside ruler or government to give them freedom.

Many forms of man’s government have been tried down through the millenniums. Most only last a short while and some manage to stay in power for hundreds of years. But eventually, they ALL fall from divisions or collapse under there own weight.

But the only government that will ever work, is self government in the minds and hearts of those who are conscious of their True Divine Nature and Identity. Unless we change the environment within, our outer environment will never, ever change.

Down through history, great teachers have come along to help us become conscious of our True Divine Identity and Nature. To empower others to take back that Identity and have the Sovereign Freedom of Self Government. Many of them were put to death for revealing this Truth. But now we are in the Age of Awakening. Things in the world have become so polarized that we see a stark contrast in Good and Bad. So many are waking and realizing that nothing has worked down through history. They are beginning to search for answers. That search needs to begin within each and every one of us.

Some people spend their whole time here searching for some god outside Self. A god they created up here in there own brain and imagination. But I’m telling you the Truth when I say, that kind of god doesn’t exist. Many are worshiping a god that is just a figment of their imagination. Whole religions are based on an imaginary god. Then they expect that imaginary god to save them or punish them. Were we not warned not to create an image of god in our own unconscious minds.

I conclusion let me say this. I Am telling you the truth when I say, Real Government will only come when You know what Divine Love, Peace, Joy and Freedom feels like flowing within You. Because unless you know what love feels like, how can you ever love your Self? And, if you don’t know how to love your Self, how will you know how to love someone else? The same is true for Divine Peace. You cannot be at peace with others if you don’t know what Divine Peace feels like. Are you ready to practice basking in, and feeling the Divine Flow of peace that is always there resonating within each and every one of us? It is time, Yes, Now is the time to do it. Real Government has to start here within us. It’s the only Way! It’s the only Truth, and it’s the only Life! The only Freedom there will ever be. It’s all abundantly there waiting for us to take it in and soak it up. Flowing in us. We were created with receptors to feel it in every cell of our body. Let’s wake up those receptors now!

The School of Divine Identity and Consciousness is based on what we call “The First Truth”. What is this First Truth? It is this: There is One Great Conscious Life living and flowing through all creation. Look around and you will see it everywhere. Land, air, the ocean, animals, fish, birds, plants, and yes, humans. The One Great Life vibrates through all and holds everything perfectly in place in time and space. I Am that One Life living me, and so are You. It’s not our job to live our life. It’s not even our Life. But it is our job to feel the One Divine Life resonating in us. Our job to express it, create with it, share it, and see the One Divine Life living each other. Imagine if that was the first thing we noticed about each other? How that alone would make the world a better place.

Here in the School of Divine Identity and Consciousness, we are going to learn how to practice feeling the One Divine Life living us. Remember, You are Divine Happiness, You are Divine Love, Peace, Freedom, and so much more. You don’t ever have to look outside Self for these things. You cannot find something you already ARE someplace else. They are and always have been eternally within you.

There is so much to learn and look forward to. Next time we will get into some of the teachings of the Master Yeshua and illustrate how we can become conscious of our True Identity. I hope you will join in, as we all discover together our True Divine Nature and Identity. Until next time, I’m Ron Lewis. Thank You very much.


Even though we are a unique expression of Divine Life, with our own individual frequency pattern, every living organism still shares the exact same Divine Identity. It is as follows:


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There is only One Pure, unadulterated, Divine Eternal Life living every Being, creature, plant, organism, and moving every molecule or atom. This One, Only vibrating Conscious Pure Energy Spirit of Goodness, Peace, Love, Joy, Kindness and Abundance is resonating inside of us, sustaining us. The One Great Life Force that lives us is present everywhere, in everyone and everything, all the time. Think about this: An all kn

owing, all powerful, all feeling, all seeing Divine Intellect is flowing and resonating within You right now, and Now is all there ever is. We don't have to pay for this One Great Unconditional Life at all. It's absolutely FREE. This One Great Life will never hurt us, nor could it ever harm us in any way whatsoever. Within this One Great Eternal Life, there is no fear, there is no hate, there are no sides, no good vs evil, no obedience or disobedience, no doctrinal laws, no religion, and no punishment or reward. Period! There is only One Divine Order of Perfect Harmonic Balance.

We call the the One Great Life living us all, "The First Truth" we must know before we can recognize Divine Truth in anything else. For all Divine Truth is a copy of "The First Truth".

In the Ancient Language of Aramaic, the above limited description of the One Great Life Source is called "ALAHA". Also written as "ELAHA" or "EL" or "AL" when shortened. In Arabic "ALAH" is used. Even "ALOHA" in Hawaiian has a very deep meaning of One Spirit. Eventually down through history "ALAHA" got translated into different words such as "Theos", Dios, and in English "God". For the purpose of brevity, we will use Alaha for the remainder of this lecture. We're not saying it's wrong to use the word "God". Because many already understand we are talking about the One Most High Life Source. We just like using the Aramaic "Alaha" for it's deep meaning.

We mentioned in the above description, that the One Great Life living and sustaining us can never ever hurt us in any way whatsoever. But now, someone might ask this question: If Alaha cannot hurt us, and if Alaha is living in us, then why do we feel hurt sometimes? That certainly is a very valid question. Right? Well, the brief answer for now is, unconsciousness. Because if we become so distracted so as to no longer feel Alaha living us, we fall into unconsciousness, and at that point, we are the ones hurting our Self. We may even think some god is punishing us or hurting us, but it's just our own unconsciousness hurting us. You see, unconscious humans down through history have come up with all kinds of crazy concepts and beliefs about god. Creating their own ideas and images about who god is or is not. This is why we were forewarned to never create our own image of Alaha. But many unconscious ones have done this. Then they make religions or governments, forcing those beliefs on others, creating laws and doctrines mostly based on the fear of punishment or reward. So if something happens to a person, it is either god punishing or rewarding them. But all it really is, is a result of their own level of consciousness.

But, contrary to the beliefs of many, Alaha does not punish or reward anyone. There is no punishment or reward in the Divine Realm whatsoever. There is only Consciousness of Pure True Divine Life. There is only Goodness, Peace, Love, Joy, Kindness, Abundance, and more. The more we become conscious of the One Divine Life living us and resonate in tune to it, the more we will tap into the Divine Flow of Abundance. That's not a reward. It's just the Divine Normal. However, if we become so tied up and distracted, looking outside Self in the unconscious world, we fall into unconsciousness. Unconscious of Alaha living us. At that point we will no longer be able to resonate in tune with the Divine flow of Abundance. That's not a god punishing us. That's just us not being able to resonate in tune with the Divine Vibration of Abundance. This is also true for Love, Peace, Joy, and so forth. Also, once we become unconscious of "The First Truth" of One Life living us, it will become very difficult to discern Divine Truth in anything or anyone else. At that point fear begins to control and enslave us. We are no longer free. You see, when we look outside our Self for some other identity instead of feeling Alaha living us, we leave ourselves wide open to be controlled, manipulated, enslaved, and even identified by the unconscious system.

There is no fear whatsoever in the Divine "First Truth" of the Alaha One Life living us. If one is afraid of punishment, then one is not resonating in tune with Divine Truth. Because as we mentioned, there is no punishment in Divine Truth. Also if someone comes preaching or claiming to have truth, but there is any fear whatsoever mixed in with their message, they do not have real Divine Truth. But, what if they claim truth and on the surface, we don't detect fear? Then we must again adhere to the "First Truth" of One Life living all. If those who claim to speak truth do not put Alaha living all before everything else, then it is not real Truth. It's like a two step verification and in order to use it, we ourselves must remain conscious of our True Divine Nature and Identity.

So how can we become conscious of our True Divine Identity and Nature? Well, it's a process. But be assured, it will get easier with patience and practice. However, let's be clear about something. Becoming conscious of our True Divine Nature is not something you're going to learn by going to church, reading many books, following some guru, or academically in some school. No, You don't need to have a PHD, or be a lifelong student of theology to become conscious of your True Divine Nature and Identity. In fact, these things will most likely hinder your progress in regaining consciousness and distract you. Don't waste precious time becoming distracted.

The first step to becoming conscious of Your True Divine Identity and Nature, is something we have already mentioned and discussed in this lecture. It is in fact, "The First Truth" of the One Great Alaha Life living, flowing and resonating within You. We must practice feeling, loving, and having reverence for, The One Great Breathing Life living in us with our whole heart, our whole mind, and our whole Self. The next step is to practice, feeling, loving, experiencing, and having reverence for Alaha living in everyone and everything else. Our path to Divine Consciousness has to hinge on these first two vital steps. Without them, we will not be able to proceed.

So we must constantly recognize in each other at all times, and retain in our mind an heart, that we are All One Great Divine Life living us. In other words, when I look into your eyes, I see Alaha (God) looking back at me through Your eyes. I know and feel that You are a unique expression of Alaha living and flowing in You and You, know and feel the same thing about me. We bow down in Spirit and in Truth to the One Great Life living each other. We don't bow down to each other as humans, but we bow down to the One who Lives in Us. In fact, the word for "worship" in Aramaic, actually means to "bow down". So now we can understand why the Master said to the woman at the well, "The hour is coming, and the hour is Now, when they will worship (bow down) not in the mountains nor in Jerusalem (a temple), but the hour is coming and now is, when they will worship (bow down) in Spirit and in Truth." Because the Spirit of Alaha flows in Us, and that is the "First Truth" we must know. You see! We recognize and bow down to the Only Divine Truth and Spirit living each other. It's the first thing we must feel and see when we look each other in the eyes. I know we are repeating here. But we just cannot emphasize in enough. This is our first step to becoming conscious of our True Divine Nature and Identity. We are going to practice this on everyone we meet and greet every single day. Practice, Practice! Yes patiently Practice these first two steps. Then talk about and share the experience of it with each other. How did it feel? Yes, imagine the difference it is going to make when we all start feeling each other in the way.

There are more steps to becoming conscious of our True Divine Identity and Nature.

Just briefly, the next step it the surrendering of our old unconscious Self, which includes letting go of our fake ego identity we were programmed with, was forced on us, or perhaps one we chose for our unconscious Self. Also, letting go of expectations in someone or some thing outside Self. How to learn to love our Self and not hurt our Self. How to let go of a victim identity, a slave mentality, or a sickness identity.

But that's all for today.

Remember, there is no better government than Self Government, and no better control than Self Control that resides within the minds and heart of those who are conscious of their True Divine Identity and Nature. We are now finally waking up and realizing this because nothing else has worked thus far.