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Many are waking up from the identity crisis and are now beginning to become conscious of their True Divine Identity. We are working hard on a vision for a school where we can practice and share our new-found Divine Identity. Please message us if you would like to help with the School in any way. Let's start talking about the possibilities.

The school of Divine Identity & Consciousness. Where NO one prepares or practices for death.

We practice and prepare for Life. For we are all One Glorious Life living us. That is the First Truth and our True Divine Identity.

We practice building upon the foundation of the First Truth. We practice Consciousness. We practice feeling the Divine Flow. We practice expressing Alaha (the One Divine Life Source) in us. We practice seeing Alaha in everyone else. We practice creativity with Love at its very core.

The School of Divine Identity and Consciousness is based on what we call “The First Truth”. What is this First Truth? It is this: There is One Great Conscious Life living and flowing through all creation. Look around and you will see it everywhere. Land, air, the ocean, animals, fish, birds, plants, and yes, humans. The One Great Life vibrates through all and holds everything perfectly in place in time and space. I Am that One Life living me, and so are You. It’s not our job to live our life. It’s not even our Life. But it is our job to feel the One Divine Life resonating in us. Our job to express it, create with it, share it, and see the One Divine Life living each other. Imagine if that was the first thing we noticed about each other? How that alone would make the world a better place.

Here in the School of Divine Identity and Consciousness, we are going to learn how to practice feeling the One Divine Life living us. Remember, You are Divine Happiness, You are Divine Love, Peace, Freedom, and so much more. You don’t ever have to look outside Self for these things. You cannot find something you already ARE someplace else. They are and always have been eternally within you.